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Before using the Bach flower, a patient needs to select the remedy which suits him or her. First of all, the patient should be diagnosed on what type he is, take for example, whether he is intolerant or frightened easily. One also needs to find out what his emotions and concerns are. Some people might suffer grief from losing a spouse or relative and even friend. All this details need to be realized before a patient is given medication.

There may not always be a physician to choose the Bach flower remedy for you. Therefore, if you are buying the medication yourself, you have to be clear and honest about which condition or situation you are in. Character, feelings and emotions of an individual will determine the choice of remedy one needs. When selecting the Bach flower you need make sure you get the correct combination, never select more than five remedies all at once.

Here are ways in which the Bach remedy is taken. Use a bottle and dilute four drops of each remedy you have selected. There is the rescue remedy which is needed by some patients and with this one 7-8 drops are needed. Pour them into a 30ml dropper bottle and add the remaining part with mineral water. Take at least 4 drops 4 times a day from you're filled up dropper bottle. If there are moments when a patient feels that the dosage is not enough, take another extra dose. The Bach remedy is said not to have an overdose. The only alcohol found in the Bach remedy is brandy and it is used since the stock bottles are preserved in it. When taking the remedy use boiling water or liquid and this will evaporate the alcohol present.

The Bach remedy can be used daily, four drops in a glass of water for a daily dose will do, the patient does not have to take it all at once but he or she can take small sips at alternated intervals. When a person loses consciousness the Bach remedy can be used, just pour or sprinkle some of it in their mouth and on their wrists. Bach remedy can be used in baths for people who are suffering from skin related infections. A 30 ml dropper bottle of the Bach flower will last for fourteen days to twenty days. Make sure to keep it in a cool environment, put it in the refrigerator if possible. Then the water will stay fresh during that time. Pregnant women can use the Bach remedy too.

The most important things a person needs to know, before using the Bach remedy, are knowing what the Bach flower is and whether they can affect you if you use together with other medication. Second is to find out whether they work effectively and what side effects they have. Thirdly is to know how they are made and whether there are any additives involved. The rescue remedy is used for emergencies only and it is important to note this.

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Using the Bach Flower

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This article was published on 2010/03/29